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There’s No Business Like Minding Your Own Business

In humor on November 29, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Have you ever encountered a pesky individual who always has something to say in every situation? Mr/Ms Know-It-All,a walking satellite dish(Yeah,he/she gets to intercept all the juiciest gossips in town)and holds the Commentator of the Year Award. I have a neighbor(not exactly a friend) who’s just like that.(Sorry neighbor,told you not to push your luck,now you’re being talked about on WordPress,hehe) 😀 She has this habit of spoiling my otherwise sunshiney day. The reason why I’m in hibernation these days,I avoid crossing paths with her. 🙂 One time,she approached me, armed with her sharp tongue and sarcastic ways. “Hi! Good morning,how are you?I’ve noticed that you gained weight!”(Strike One) I was kinda taken aback by that but still managed to maintain my composure.So I replied,“I’m on a seafood diet,everytime I SEEFOOD,I eat”. What’s worse is that she didn’t even get m

y joke!Ugh! She kept on talking,”No no you really look kinda big!”(Strike Two). She’s exactly not your idea of thin,what with a 40-inch waistline 😀 One…two..three.. Breathe in…breathe out… God,please help me not to get too pissed! Finally she said bye but not before letting out her Strike Three.“You should have time to exercise,neighbor…Bye!” That’s it! I know I have to counter-punch!“Ok,bye! Oh wait,I don’t see your kid,did you swallow him?” 😀 That’s not the end of it. I got invited to welcome the new archdiocese in our area. As I was about to board my car,my neighbor (oh no,not again!My stalker!:D) came running to me and asked why I’m all dressed up.So told her that I’ll have dinner with some church people to welcome our new priest.Then she told me that she had the chance to meet him and told me that our previous archdiocese is way better than his replacement and that she thinks that I won’t be able to talk to him,because there will be lots of people welcoming him.Ok ok,just gave her a wry smile.Then,she left me a comment.“You should have tied your hair up,it looks messy…” Thought of strangling her,knowing that I can confess to the new priest. 🙂
The next morning,she went to my house and asked what I think of her new hairstyle and also how did the affair go,told her it’s went on smoothly.Then she said in mock sarcasm,“I bet you weren’t able to talk to our archdiocese” Calmly I answered,“Oh I was able to speak with him! He even asked me to sit right next to him.Then I mentioned your name,asked him if he knew you, and you know what he told me?”Can you ask your neighbor as to who the hell fuc*ed up with her hair!” 😀

This is what you’ll get for being too nosey


World AIDS Awareness Day

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CNN iReport — According to Wikipedia,the Philippines is a low-HIV prevalence country with only less than 0.1 percent of the adult population to be HIV-positive.The Department of Health AIDS Registry in the Philippines reported 3,456 people living with HIV/AIDS.But that was September of 2008.In a span of three years,there’s an alarming rise in HIV/AIDS cases.The figures going beyond the 6,000 mark.These are documented cases,but what about the undocumented ones?According to the data,most of those who have contracted the disease are young urban professionals.They even coined a term for consensual sex mates,which is FUBU or FU** BUddies.:)
Come December 1 is World AIDS Day. To show support for the AIDS Awareness Campaign,I decided to hang a red ribbon on my Christmas tree.A subtle way (sans the preachy stuff) of conveying my message across.That the world really needs to address this serious issue.With the holidays approaching,where there’s party and drinking everywhere.I’m not being a party pooper here and yeah I know that ’tis the season to be jolly,but if you can,try not to lose yourself in the euphoria of the season by being “too jolly with a buddy”… for comfort. Fa la la lala la la la la 🙂

When Dad Was Santa

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Christmas is in the air…I get nostalgic everytime the Yuletide season approaches.”City sidewalks busy sidewalks,dressed in holiday style,in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.Children laughing,people passing,meeting smile after smile,and on every street corner you’ll hear.Silver bells…it’s Christmas time in the city…” The haunting melody and lyrics never fails to bring tears to my eyes.
Every year,a fave uncle plays Santa,oh and I must say that he’s so good at it.But I vividly recall one special Christmas eve. I was five then,I overheard my older cousins talk about our uncle not being able to make it that night for he’s sick.Party pooper!In my young mind,thought Christmas won’t push through without my uncle. Sulking in one corner,suddenly I heard delightful shrieks,Santa’s here! But wait,he looks different,what with his bronzed-skin and where’s the big belly?! Maybe he has seen my inquisitive and doubtful look,Santa approached me,handed me his gift and in that all too familiar voice,he says,Merry Christmas,Aileen… He even knew my name,cool!I’ve noticed though,he has a striking resemblance to my Dad! Looked around,Dad’s nowhere in sight.My mind starts to wander as to how great it is if Dad’s indeed Santa.Instead of dropping me off to school in a car,we’ll be riding a reindeer.Wow!
When Dad got bedridden because of a lingering illness,all I can think about is that life’s unfair.Dad can’t be sick,Santa’s invincible!. A few days before he passed away,he called me and whispered into my ear,”I want you to play I’ll Be Home for Christmas,that’s my promise to you and Mom…”
Up to this day,I still write to God,“I don’t need North Pole’s Santa,that’s my Dad’s job.Make him come home to me and mom even just on Christmas eve…”

The Green-Eyed Monster

In poetry on November 27, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Fierce,sage eyes
Wallowing in misery
A life full of hate and envy
She thrives on your misfortune
Devious of her own imperfections
Covetousness eats her very soul
Meet not the gaze
of the green-eyed monster…

Photo Blog: LEGOLand

In Photo Blog on November 26, 2011 at 9:39 am

Welcome to the wonderful world of LEGO

Photo Blog: North Pole In The Tropics

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Happy Ho Ho Holidays!

Happy ThanksGiFing!

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We should all learn to be thankful for all the simple pleasures in life like the fresh air that we breathe? for those wonderful and happy people that we get to meet . So no use frowning on Thanksgiving.Poor turkey,you’re dead meat!


Photo Blog: Star City

In Photo Blog on November 20, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Trying my knack in photography.Don’t know If I have the flair for it but it’s worth the try. 🙂

A Comedy of Errors

In Politics on November 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm

I’ll reiterate,I am apolitical but socially aware. In the light of this farcical comedy err controversial government issue,I’ll join in the fray by giving my two-cents worth. Banner Headline: DOJ(Department of Justice )stops former President now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo(CGMA) from leaving the country despite Supreme Court’s (SC) issuance of TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) DOJ,SC,CGMA,TRO….lots of acronyms,WTF! 😀 You should see the airport scene,thought I was watching a primetime soap opera. :)Technically speaking,it’s in defiance of the order being issued by the highest law of the land. Lawmakers started wagging their tongues,enumerating the pros and cons of that action. One even said that she’s thinking of committing suicide and she doesn’t know if she’ll kill herself or the other fellow. Should I put an R rating in here? TOO violent! :)DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima and company received a lot of flak for letting her directive stay.She might even be held in contempt or worse,a disbarment case.The former president seeks medical treatment abroad for her hypoparathyroidism,in case you’re wondering where all these hullabaloos’ coming from.With 6 plunder cases,human rights violation and poll sabotage tucked under her belt(whew,she can give Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao a run for his hard earned money.Counting,that sums up to 8 too,right?) 🙂 She also has a history of not holding on to her word,but this time,”I AM SORRY” doesn’t make it anymore. Oh and she should think twice about not telling the truth now,what with the titanium plates and the neck brace,it won’t suit well if lightning strikes at her. 🙂 The reason why the government is hesitant to give her a pass. President Aquino made an offer to fly her medical specialists to our country and shoulder the expenses. (What,using the people’s money? Are you kidding me?!)The DOJ may have committed lapses by trying to overrule the Supreme Court’s decision,alright. But what the DOJ’s trying to say is that they’re just waiting for the oral-argument and the motion for reconsideration until Tuesday,so why the rush to leave the country? Political analysts fear for a constitutional crisis,but why get scared when this country is already in deep crisis,just coming in different forms. I don’t know when this will end, but looking forward to that castration anxiety day wherein the lawyer of the former president boldly told the media that he’ll have himself emasculated (to be downright graphic,he said that he’ll have one of his balls cut off if CGMA doesn’t come back)Be prepared to hand it over to Secretary de Lima,dang! She deserves to have one for not buckling down to extreme pressure. 🙂 Now,the minority in the Lower House is cooking something and that is to impeach President Benigno Aquino.A congressman,who’s an ally of the President says that he’ll have his head chopped/cut off if the President gets impeached. Cut here,cut there,this is sickening.CUT The CRAP and get down to business!

Raising Moms

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No typo error there,we’re not going to talk about how to raise kids but raising Moms :)Hope my mom doesn’t get to read this or I might get conked in the head.Mom’s a real character (hope not a police one) 🙂 She’s the extrovert in the family,being a former television personality. I’m more of an introvert,just like my Dad (Thank God!)She walks and talks as if there are still cameras following her every move.Hey don’t get me wrong,this isn’t ranting,but more of an acceptance of the grim truth that when you’re dealing with someone who’s over the hill,you must really have stretched patience and understanding.Mom’s an eye-catcher in her younger years,always fully made-up and dressed to the nines when she goes out.Looking at her,felt like an ugly duckling.One time I asked her,”Mom,do you think I’m pretty or ugly?” She curtly replied, “You’re both.” Whoa! How can that be?! Then she made a killer follow-up to that, “Aileen,you’re pretty ugly…” At that very moment,thought of myself as the only abortion that ever lived. 😀 Now,the mood swings are something else,north to south,east to west. One moment she’s in an ecstatic mood,then a crumpled face which even Leonardo Da Vinci cannot paint.I’ll joke with her and say,”Hey mom,think you’re already having senility bouts” Aging is a mortal sin for her,lol! Livid,she’ll reply “How dare you talk to me like that,Anna uhmm Angela no,AILEEN!” 😀
Mom’s funny without even trying.Now I know where I got my crazy sense of humor.Oh and I love the kind of headache she gives me. 🙂 So when you think that moms can be such a pain in the neck,just remember this,we will all grow old and could even be worse 🙂