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One SQUASHbuckling Afternoon

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Spent my Saturday afternoon at a mall in Quezon city. Actually,didn’t get to enjoy that weekend stroll because the mall’s jam-packed with people.I was already contemplating on going home,when something caught my eye. Squash galore! Why squash and not pumpkin? We’re more familiar with the former,that’s why 🙂

These proved to be the saving grace to an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon mall trek. Simply eye-catching!


Nicholas Sparks

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2011 at 12:24 am

Had this assignment on CNN iReport.Prepare questions for Nicholas Sparks. Wow! The best-selling author!A big fan of his compelling novels,
so immediately,I prepared a few questions for him:

iReport —
This is one OHEMGEE iReport assignment for me.I know it’s not possible to send you a Message in A Bottle but I’ll send my messages across via The Notebook (my old,but reliable lappy) 🙂 You made me laugh,you made me cry,most importantly,you made me realize that romance is still very much alive. You’ve redefined love and romance with your brilliant works.Here are my questions:Where do you draw inspiration?Was it from personal experience? Who is Nicholas Sparks,if you’re not the famous author,and if you’re to leave a legacy,what will it be? Thanks and all the best to your latest novel,The Best of Me,another best-seller in the offing.

After posting this,got an email from CNN iReport

Your iReport “To Nicholas Sparks” Inbox
Hanks, Henry Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 12:37 PM
Ma.Aileen L.Reyes Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 12:45 PM
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On Oct 15, 2011 3:38 AM, “Hanks, Henry”> wrote:

Dear Aileen,
Regarding your iReport “To Nicholas Sparks”( …
Thanks for your question! Can you post it as a video so we may ask?

Thank you,
Henry Hanks
CNN iReport

What do you know,Nicholas Sparks is here!

Will try to catch him tomorrow at Power Books-Greenbelt 4 at 11 am,for the book signing of his latest work,The Best of Me. Can’t wait! 🙂

Halloween- Filipino Style

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Pangangaluluwa,coined from the term kaluluwa or soul in English.Tried to look up for its english translation but can’t find any,so let me just call it “soul-searching” 🙂 It’s a Filipino tradition which is still being observed in provinces.Grew up in the city so I’m not really familiar with this practice.But according to my parents,town folks go from house to house at exactly 10pm of the 31st(now you know why kids aren’t part of this) singing this particular song about our dearly departed.They cover themselves in white cloth,sort of representation. Our very own “soul-singers” (move over,Aretha Franklin) 🙂 Instead of candies,they get coins or native delicacies like rice cake or cassava. Sad to say,some take advantage of the situation to steal chickens or ducks at the backyard. Now that’s a real BOO! 🙂

The lyrics to the song with my english translation:

Kaluluwa’y dumaratal
Sa tapat ng durungawan
Kampanilya’y tinatantay
Ginigising ang mga buhay
Kung kami po ay lilimusan
Dali-dalian po lamang
Baka kami mapagsarhan
ng pinto ng kalangitan
Kaluluwa kaming tambing
Sa purgatoryo nanggaling
Palimos po!

The souls have just arrived
Across your window
Bells are ringing
waking up the living
If you will spare us alms
Please hurry and give us some
The heaven’s gate
will close in time
We are the lost souls
from purgatory…

Happy Halloween!

The Ugly Truth

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Granny Panties

Everything here is on the rise. Food,oil,electricity,etc. The only thing that goes down in here now are…panties 😀

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If I Had the World's Attention for One Minute

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Floating Astronaut

One whole minute of global rants.Lastly, will shout at the top of my lungs,"The world sucks!" But on second thought,if it doesn't, we will all be floating on air! 😀

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L.O.L.! – Lunch Out Loud

In food on October 26, 2011 at 5:51 am

For us Filipinos,this is what we call a complete meal. Pork Sinigang, a tamarind-based soup. The ingredients for this are:

pork (but you can also use fish,beef or shrimp)
water spinach (or kangkong)
fish sauce
string beans (sitaw)
2 liters water
taro (gabi)
others use packed tamarind mix,but I use fresh tamarind
banana pepper
radish,if desired

A filipino meal will not be complete without the kakanin or native dessert.I have here leche flan (egg,sugar and milk) and suman (made of sticky rice or cassava) dipped in coconut syrup.

Happy eating! 🙂

When I'm at My Best

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I'm at my best when the going gets tough and when push comes to a shove, 🙂

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Home Is…

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As the old adage says,"Home is where the heart is". It doesn't have to be at a specific place,but a serene feeling and in the company of certain people who matters most in your life. Now that's what I call home

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How BIG is 7 Billion?

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Hello from CNN iReport: Mouthing 7 billion
Saidi, Nicole Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:18 AM
To: Aileen Reyes
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Hi there Aileen, thanks for sharing the fun video! I like the creative approach you took.

Can you tell me a few things?

When did you make the video?
Why did you pick this particular statistic?
What do you think this population number means for society?

Thanks so much, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing back.

Nicole Saidi
CNN iReport producer

There’s always a feeling of elation everytime your work gets vetted or recognized.The video talks about how huge 7 billion is,in human scale.Mouthing 7 billion(not literally,though lol!) and that it will take 200 years or two centuries for you to say 7 billion/second out loud.
Submitted an image too.

A representation,that if 7 billion kids planked (this is the IN thing,folks) 🙂 shoulder to shoulder,they could fill up the whole of Los Angeles,California. A figure too big for this planet to handle.

1.Joseph Reyes
2.Danielle Reyes
3.Kimberly Alejandro
4.Algrey Sosas
5.Tien2x Sacdalan
6.Trajan Moreno
7.Aldoz Alejandro

Happy BURPday To Me!

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I know it’s kinda late to talk about my special day,but hey it’s better late than never! Woke up on the morning of the 18th with a big smile on my face.Amid stretches and yawns,blurted out, “It’s great to be bleep…bleep!!!” C’mon,give it to me,it’s my birthday,no numeric 🙂 Received an early gift from a BFF which really made my day,
here it is –>

Woohoo! Seeing the cake,my Mom who happens to be one religious woman and who follows the 10 commandments to the bone,ordered a chocolate cake,sorta counter attack,
which says –>

Oh Mom! I knew you love me so dearly! (rolling eyes) Ok ok,it’s sinking in,I’m not getting any younger but heck! Age is just a number and youth knows no age (why is it that I’m having a hard time convincing myself,geez!)
Kinda depressing to see another candle added to your birthday cake,so what I did was just go into a food binge,literally pigged-out! BURP! With everything in excess…age,poundage,wrinkles,varicose veins…I’m doomed!Ugh! Hey hey girl,you’re an optimist,don’t let that get you down. Look at it as another fruitful year fulfilled,new friends and family who will continue to love and support you,with or without the botox. 🙂
So on my _ _ summers of existence,I can say that I’ve led a bittersweet yet colorful life and full of lessons learned.