World AIDS Awareness Day

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CNN iReport — According to Wikipedia,the Philippines is a low-HIV prevalence country with only less than 0.1 percent of the adult population to be HIV-positive.The Department of Health AIDS Registry in the Philippines reported 3,456 people living with HIV/AIDS.But that was September of 2008.In a span of three years,there’s an alarming rise in HIV/AIDS cases.The figures going beyond the 6,000 mark.These are documented cases,but what about the undocumented ones?According to the data,most of those who have contracted the disease are young urban professionals.They even coined a term for consensual sex mates,which is FUBU or FU** BUddies.:)
Come December 1 is World AIDS Day. To show support for the AIDS Awareness Campaign,I decided to hang a red ribbon on my Christmas tree.A subtle way (sans the preachy stuff) of conveying my message across.That the world really needs to address this serious issue.With the holidays approaching,where there’s party and drinking everywhere.I’m not being a party pooper here and yeah I know that ’tis the season to be jolly,but if you can,try not to lose yourself in the euphoria of the season by being “too jolly with a buddy”… for comfort. Fa la la lala la la la la 🙂

  1. Great idea with the ribbon. And one question monogamous couples should ask themselves, have we got the point across to our children!

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  3. I am bookmarking you for future reference.

  4. Good day. Mainly want to write and express that I liked this posting. I’ll be bookmarking your blogging site and looking to find out if you post any new ones. Thanks so much!

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