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Hero Dog “Kabang”

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Hero dog “Kabang” a female Aspin whose face was badly disfigured after being hit by a speeding motorcycle,and in the process,saved the lives of two girls in Zamboanga City,is in Manila for a two-week intensive stem cell treatment to boost its immunity before flying to the US to for reconstructive surgery. Team Kabang was able to raise $10,000 for the dog’s treatment.

Truly a Man’s Best Friend.



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 Pacific X-treme Combat (PXC), the premier MMA organization in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific region,has announced its biggest show to date to take place on November 17th at the famous Araneta Coliseum (aka “The Big Dome”) in Manila, Philippines. Headlining the star-studded international fight card will be some of the top rising stars of MMA from the Philippines, as well as Hawaii, Guam, Japan & Korea. The event is expected to draw thousands of MMA fans from all corners of the Philippines, and along with being broadcast live nation-wide on AKTV via IBC-13, the event will stream online for the world to experience as well!PXC produced 2 events at Resorts World Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater in 2011 before relocating the show to The Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City to produce 4 stellar events. On September 1st , PXC-33 broke new ground for MMA in the Philippines with almost 500,000 viewers of the live broadcast on AKTV and a sold-out Ynares Arena. According to PXC’s CEO, E.J. Calvo, “We are extremely excited about the move to Araneta. Our fighters have worked hard and performed well, and deserve the exposure this event will bring. PXC, as an organization, has grown leaps and bounds over a decade, and there is no doubt PXC can stand up against any MMA promotion in the region right now.”Calvo added, “Our goal is to continue to grow PXC for the benefit of MMA fans in the Philippines, as well as for the long-term growth of the sport in the entire region.”In less than 2 years since PXC arrived in the Philippines, the promotion has clearly been established as the premier MMA organization in the country. Along with media co-production partner, AKTV, the sports channel of TV5, PXC has successfully built a mainstream viewing audience for the first time, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers during nation-wide broadcasts of the MMA events. PXC is also one of the only MMA leagues outside of Japan sending fighters to The UFC, and continuously signing the best up and coming talents in Asia. Over the last 3 months, PXC has released 2 of their top fighters to The UFC, and anticipates that several more will get the same opportunity over the next year or so. PXC Welterweight Champ, Hyun Gyu Lim,and Lightweight standout, Jon Tuck, were signed by The UFC to compete in their upcoming event in Macau on November 10th . PXC prides themselves on recruiting and showcasing the best up and coming MMA talents in the Asia-Pacific region, but also has been known to feature elite fighters from Brazil,Europe, Canada, and various areas of the US.
PXC has also treated fans by flying in Filipino-American stars of the sport, including Brandon Vera and Mark Munoz, to coach their gym mates from California, as well as “Big John” McCarthy to referee bouts and hold seminars with officials, meet fans, and promote MMA in the Philippines.PXC-34 will be the  th show in the Philippines for the Guam-based organization, and it is expected to elevate MMA in the Philippines to yet another level. Headlining the event will be the Philippines’ own, Ale “The Young Gun” Cali, the current Flyweight Champ, and prominent fighter and coach, Erwin Tagle.PXC VP/Matchmaker, Eli Monge, stated, “We anticipate that several fighters on the card will be top prospects for The UFC in the near future, so it will be exciting to see them compete on their way up! PXC fighters to look out for include the Harris Sarmiento, Eugene Toquero, Russell Doane and Mark Striegl.”

PXC is presented by San Mig Strong Ice and Sports 5. With special thanks to E-Games, Fitness First, FHM Philippines,, Premiere Condoms, Healthway Agility Phil, Beer Below Zero, Real Sports Radio,and

For more information on PXC, check out or

Mark Striegl: Up Close and Personal

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His name has now become a byword among MMA fanatics. So what’s with this Mugen Madness? Apart from being a warrior inside the octagon, displaying superb fighting stance, his boyish good looks could easily send many a girls’ hearts go Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass. A real knockout!
So let’s get to know PXC and MMA-ville’s Man of the Hour, Mark Striegl.

-Hello Mark! Wherever I go, people are talking about you, I’m pretty sure an endorsement deal is in the works and maybe a showbiz stint?

MS– Haha. Maybe they’re talking about another Mark? Later down the road I think an MMA musical would be a lot of fun ;P haha

-Why Mugen?

MS– “Mugen” is Japanese for limitless. During one of my early pro fights, I was asked by the promoter to provide a nickname…if I didn’t choose one, they would have chosen one for me. So rather than get stuck with something I didn’t like, I said “how about Mugen?” For all you anime fans out there…I was watching Samurai Champloo at the time. Ever since then it stuck.

-When did you realize that you wanted to become a fighter?

MS– Ever since I was young I wanted to be a professional athlete in some capacity in some sport. I didn’t think it would be MMA though.

-Who/what inspired you?

MS– Lots of fighters continue to inspire me. Growing up, I was inspired by many of the fighters of PRIDE Fighting Championship. I loved watching Fedor Emelianenko.

-Who are your heroes?

MS– Naruto Uzumaki and Baki the Grappler (;

-You compete in a fierce and brutal world of Mixed Martial Arts, do you get scared?

MS– I get a little anxious before fights. All fighters do. So much can happen in there.

-What’s your biggest fear?

MS– Regret.

-What do you consider as your biggest accomplishment so far?

MS– That’s hard to say but I’m definitely happy about what I’ve been able to accomplish in the cage and ring up to this point.

-What motivates you to be the best in your chosen field?

MS– My family and friends.

-Any advice you can give to aspiring fighters who want to follow your path/footsteps?

MS– Just go for it if this is what you want to do. You’ll never know until you try!

-Think you’re ripe for a title shot, do we hear it coming soon?

MS– I certainly hope so. I would love a shot at PXC gold. Every fighter out there wants a shot at the belt and I’m no different.

-Has fame changed Mark Striegl?

MS– Haha well, I don’t know if I’m really that famous to begin with. I still am the same person I’ve always been and my routine hasn’t changed at all.

Toy Story

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What looks like an ordinary house from the outside,is a child’s paradise on the inside. Oh and also for the kids at heart,like me. 🙂 Gushed at the sight of this awesome collection.The owner started collecting when he was still a little boy.Toys piled up,so he thought of putting up a toy museum for everyone to see. 

Visita Iglesia in the Philippines

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According to the Catholic Herald,the custom of visiting 7 churches on Maundy Thursday,goes back to the early church when Christians would visit the seven great basilicas in Rome for the adoration of the blessed sacrament after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. So today,braved the sweltering heat to visit seven churches here in Manila. First stop was at the Santisimo Rosario Parish,which is located at the University of Santo Tomas,my alma mater. Second stop was San Agustin church in Intramuros,third was at San Miguel church,near Malacanang Palace,fourth and fifth was at the so-called twin churches,Saint Anthony and Loreto church,sixth was at the Calamba (Mother of Perpetual Help) church and the last stop was at the Our Lady of Lourdes church in Quezon city. A spiritually fulfilling Lenten season.

Earth Hour 2012

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Today,March 31st,2012 marks the 5th year of Earth Hour,organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) which kicked-off in Sydney,Australia in 2007. For three consecutive years,the Philippines,a staunch supporter of the said advocacy,has been officially proclaimed as Earth Hour’s “hero country” . In 2011,1661 cities and municipalities participated in the 60 minute switch-off ceremony. A record-breaking feat. Total power savings’ huge (but wait, have to check out the population statistics now,might have boomed,what with the country plunged into darkness) 😀
So from 8:30-9:30pm,your call if you want to become part of this worthy cause. Lights On or Lights Off?
With this year’s slogan, “I Will If You Will”,there’s a flicker of hope to help save Mother Earth.

The Lunar New Year-Year of The Water Dragon 2012

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According to the Chinese Zodiac,2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon (January 23,2012-February 9,2013) The celestial Dragon being the auspicious symbol,representing happiness and prosperity. May it bring great luck to everyone!

Here are some images of Chinatown in Ongpin / Binondo,Manila as they celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

The Bourne Legacy in the Philippines

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When I first heard of the news that the fourth installment to The Bourne sequel is set to shoot in different locations around the Philippines,got really excited.What! Matt Damon aka Jason Bourne is going to be here? Whoa! Unfortunately his role as CIA assassin is suffering from extreme memory loss,maybe the reason why he forgot that he still has to do this fourth movie. 🙂 Well,after The Bourne Identity,The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum,with or without Damon,this series is “bourne to be alive” . 🙂 Jeremy Renner,who starred with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol,steps up as the new CIA agent Aaron Cross.The film will be shot in these locations:

1. Intramuros

2. Navotas Fishport

3.Marikina Market (San Andres Market)

4.Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard

5.Ayala Avenue,Makati

6.Nagtahan, (Pasay Taft)

7.Jones Bridge

8. Palawan

These will be some of the highlights: A car chase scene along Rotonda,Pasay Taft; motorcycle chase in Jones Bridge,Binondo Manila; a helicopter scene over Pasig River and the movie ending is set in picturesque Palawan. For sure,the Metro Manila Development Authority or the MMDA will have its hands full as to the crowd control and the re-routing of traffic (cameras roll today,January 11) But this is a big boost to the Philippine tourism industry. Hope I can catch a glimpse of the cast which also includes Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2012

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Chants of Viva Senor! filled the whole route of the yearly Feast of the Black Nazarene. A record-breaking 8 million devotees,walking barefooted,joined the 22-hour procession which started at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta park.A sea of humanity. An awesome show of faith and devotion.With a mammoth crowd such as that,expect a good number of casualties.According to historians,the galleon which carried the image of the Nazarene (coined from the term Nazareth) was said to have been burned down,hence the image’s black color.
Popular belief is that when you get to touch the cross of the Nazarene,even the rope which holds it,you’ll get cured of your illnesses. You’ll hear testimonials about the miracles of the Black Nazarene. My dad’s one.After 14 years of marriage,they weren’t blessed with a child.Dad and Mom started going to the Basilica of the Black Nazarene every Friday,then their little bundle of joy arrives…ME 🙂 Since then,he never fails to join in the procession. This tradition never fails to amaze foreigners and media correspondents from all over the world who cover the event,seeing the throng of The Black Nazarene faithful,that not even threats of a terrorist attack can sway them from participating. One Korean media personality even commented that she had goosebumps upon seeing the image. As the controversial new tourism slogan of the Philippines, It’s more fun in the Philippines which was said to have been copied from Switzerland’s slogan 51 years ago,where can you find such holy and at the same time joyous event like the Feast of the Black Nazarene? Only in the Philippines. That’s why it’s more fun in the Philippines. 🙂

Sendong’s Wrath

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Cagayan de Oro,which means River of Gold is now a river of cold,dead bodies.It’s Crisis-mas in the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan after storm Sendong (international codename:Washi) lashed into parts of Visayas and Mindanao.It is now considered as the world’s deadliest storm for 2011 with death toll rising up to more than a thousand plus the total number of displaced families.The cities are running out of coffins and cadaver bags and funeral parlors could no longer accommodate the bodies,hence forcing the city government to just bury them in mass graves.

Truly a heartbreaking sight.Too much for us,Filipinos to bear.But seeing these kids,their awareness and willingness to extend help and reach out to our less-fortunate countrymen,in their own little way,can’t help but feel optimistic,even in this dire situation.

Filipinos are known for their resilience.Our strength,courage and great faith will pull us through.We will overcome this.

God,have mercy on us…