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SEUSSICAL – Anything’s Possible!

In review on October 22, 2011 at 11:37 am

For the kids and the kids at heart,a spectacular musicale presented by Repertory Philippines,SEUSSICAL,inspired by the works Of Dr.Theodore Seuss Geisel,better known all over the world as Dr. Seuss.Had the chance to watch the matinee performance at the Greenbelt 1.The story begins with a kid named Jojo,who found an odd hat.He got so curious that he picked up the hat,and there pops a cat wearing the hat.The Cat in the Hat,the play’s most popular character and the moving force behind Jojo’s creative thinking.Children and adults alike will have a blast watching the different and colorful characters onstage,like Horton The Elephant,the Wickersham Brothers (monkeys),three bird girls,a Sour Kangaroo,winged creatures named Gertrude and Mayzie La Bird.You will notice that the authors didn’t dress up the animals as beasts because they want to picture them like real people at heart.They possess the persona of a human being.

The story tells about the importance of friendship,love,loyalty and concern for all.And don’t be afraid to explore,to dream and imagine.


There’s a far away land,so the stories all tell
Somewhere beyond the horizon
If we can find it then all will be well
Troubles there are few
Someday we’ll go to…

…Solla Sollew

High on a mountain or lost on the sea
Sooner or later I’ll find it
I have a picture of how it will be
On the day I do,troubles will be through
And I’ll be home with you

…Solla Sollew