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Blind Justice

In Politics on May 29, 2012 at 12:45 pm

After 44 grueling days of trial and drama,the Senate impeachment court’s final verdict: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is found guilty as charged.I won’t go into the technicalities and legalities of the case for I have limited knowledge when it comes to court terminologies. When this case was brought about 5 months ago,many feared that a constitutional crisis looms in the horizon. The three branches of government namely Executive,Legislative and Judiciary are clashing.How can you put the highest law of the land on trial? Brief backgrounder,the Chief Justice has been accused of not declaring his true Statement of Asset,Liabilities and Net worth or SALN,stating that his net worth is roughly P3.4 million pesos in cash and properties. But after thorough investigations,he finally admitted that he has $2.4M and 80.7M pesos in savings,a far cry from the figures that were earlier submitted. It didn’t end there.Oral arguments ensued.Both the prosecution and the defense presented factual evidences and witnesses.And the popular vote was for the acquittal of the chief magistrate.Today,29th of May,marks a historic day for the Philippines.20 out of the 23 senator judges voted for the conviction of the Chief Justice on grounds of public deception and transparency issues. There was one instance and this was pounded upon by the jury as to why they came up with such a resolution.A lowly government employee was convicted for not declaring on her SALN a small market store under her name. This is where the blindfolded lady sets in. “Blind Justice is the theory that law should be viewed objectively with the determination of innocence or guilt made without bias or prejudice. It is the idea behind the motto β€œEqual Justice Under The Law” and is symbolized by the blindfolded statue of Lady Justice which is the symbol of the judiciary”.
In justice,there should be no race,gender or status. A victory for equality.


A Comedy of Errors

In Politics on November 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm

I’ll reiterate,I am apolitical but socially aware. In the light of this farcical comedy err controversial government issue,I’ll join in the fray by giving my two-cents worth. Banner Headline: DOJ(Department of Justice )stops former President now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo(CGMA) from leaving the country despite Supreme Court’s (SC) issuance of TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) DOJ,SC,CGMA,TRO….lots of acronyms,WTF! πŸ˜€ You should see the airport scene,thought I was watching a primetime soap opera. :)Technically speaking,it’s in defiance of the order being issued by the highest law of the land. Lawmakers started wagging their tongues,enumerating the pros and cons of that action. One even said that she’s thinking of committing suicide and she doesn’t know if she’ll kill herself or the other fellow. Should I put an R rating in here? TOO violent! :)DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima and company received a lot of flak for letting her directive stay.She might even be held in contempt or worse,a disbarment case.The former president seeks medical treatment abroad for her hypoparathyroidism,in case you’re wondering where all these hullabaloos’ coming from.With 6 plunder cases,human rights violation and poll sabotage tucked under her belt(whew,she can give Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao a run for his hard earned money.Counting,that sums up to 8 too,right?) πŸ™‚ She also has a history of not holding on to her word,but this time,”I AM SORRY” doesn’t make it anymore. Oh and she should think twice about not telling the truth now,what with the titanium plates and the neck brace,it won’t suit well if lightning strikes at her. πŸ™‚ The reason why the government is hesitant to give her a pass. President Aquino made an offer to fly her medical specialists to our country and shoulder the expenses. (What,using the people’s money? Are you kidding me?!)The DOJ may have committed lapses by trying to overrule the Supreme Court’s decision,alright. But what the DOJ’s trying to say is that they’re just waiting for the oral-argument and the motion for reconsideration until Tuesday,so why the rush to leave the country? Political analysts fear for a constitutional crisis,but why get scared when this country is already in deep crisis,just coming in different forms. I don’t know when this will end, but looking forward to that castration anxiety day wherein the lawyer of the former president boldly told the media that he’ll have himself emasculated (to be downright graphic,he said that he’ll have one of his balls cut off if CGMA doesn’t come back)Be prepared to hand it over to Secretary de Lima,dang! She deserves to have one for not buckling down to extreme pressure. πŸ™‚ Now,the minority in the Lower House is cooking something and that is to impeach President Benigno Aquino.A congressman,who’s an ally of the President says that he’ll have his head chopped/cut off if the President gets impeached. Cut here,cut there,this is sickening.CUT The CRAP and get down to business!