Blind Justice

In Politics on May 29, 2012 at 12:45 pm

After 44 grueling days of trial and drama,the Senate impeachment court’s final verdict: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is found guilty as charged.I won’t go into the technicalities and legalities of the case for I have limited knowledge when it comes to court terminologies. When this case was brought about 5 months ago,many feared that a constitutional crisis looms in the horizon. The three branches of government namely Executive,Legislative and Judiciary are clashing.How can you put the highest law of the land on trial? Brief backgrounder,the Chief Justice has been accused of not declaring his true Statement of Asset,Liabilities and Net worth or SALN,stating that his net worth is roughly P3.4 million pesos in cash and properties. But after thorough investigations,he finally admitted that he has $2.4M and 80.7M pesos in savings,a far cry from the figures that were earlier submitted. It didn’t end there.Oral arguments ensued.Both the prosecution and the defense presented factual evidences and witnesses.And the popular vote was for the acquittal of the chief magistrate.Today,29th of May,marks a historic day for the Philippines.20 out of the 23 senator judges voted for the conviction of the Chief Justice on grounds of public deception and transparency issues. There was one instance and this was pounded upon by the jury as to why they came up with such a resolution.A lowly government employee was convicted for not declaring on her SALN a small market store under her name. This is where the blindfolded lady sets in. “Blind Justice is the theory that law should be viewed objectively with the determination of innocence or guilt made without bias or prejudice. It is the idea behind the motto “Equal Justice Under The Law” and is symbolized by the blindfolded statue of Lady Justice which is the symbol of the judiciary”.
In justice,there should be no race,gender or status. A victory for equality.


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