Oli Guacamole!

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2012 at 10:14 am

Feeling lethargic,literally dragged myself out of bed this morning.First of May or Labor Day holiday here in the Philippines.Unfortunately,it’s “Mayday Mayday!” to the unemployed.From a ho-humm to a humdinger of a day! Thanks to this email notification.

I’m pretty sure my shrieks jolted the whole neighborhood. Turns out that I posted something on his wall,and he liked it.So don’t fret if you still remain unnoticed even after you’ve decided to permanently reside on his FB wall,you’ll have your time. ;-p
To those who don’t recognize Oli (where have you been hibernating,geez!) well,he’s the traveller/host of Lonely Planet Six-Degrees China and Cash Cab Asia,just to name a few.
When I chanced upon a Lonely Planet episode featuring him,got so hooked that I would have gone amuck if anyone dared to snatch the remote control away from me. 😀 In my book,he’s the host with the most!. Oli Pettigrew transformed our Lonely Planet into a Lovely Planet and gave it a 360-degree turn. 🙂 More power and on your next Manila trip,the chicken adobo is on me. 😉


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