I Survived Quiapo

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CNN PRODUCER NOTE: Aileen shot these photos of some hectic holiday shopping on the colorful streets of Manila, Philippines. Despite the huge crowds and breakneck pace, she managed to find most of what she was looking for on her list. -jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

With just a week to go before Christmas and looking at my kilometric to give gift list,I know I have to do my last minute Christmas shopping.But there’s a big problem…my dwindling finances.I can only scratch my head.But hey,Christmas is about giving,so just like the lyrics of a Jessie,”It’s not about the money money money,we don’t need your money money money,we just ‘wanna make the world dance,forget about the price tag…” Whew! That’s a good motivation.I’m sure the receivers of my gifts will understand that it’s austere season.But I’ll make sure I’ll change identity after I’ve handed them the gifts,to save myself from impending embarrassment. 😀 Counting my moolah (Gee,it took me split second to finish it!),I know it won’t get anywhere if I go to the mall,no choice but to go to one of the busiest areas in the metropolis….Quiapo!
In full battle gear,(yeah,you heard it right. I’ll be entering a warzone!)braved the maddening crowd of Quiapo. Your visit to this area (well,that is if you’re a devout Catholic) will not be complete if you don’t stop by the Basilica of the Black Nazarene. .“God,I thank you for all the blessings and please put me under the mantle of your protection.Spare me from pickpockets,guide me to the best buys and lastly,I know you have the ability to multiply things,can you double my money so that I can buy everything on my list?” 🙂
Where did all these people come from?! Wow,thought of backing out,but thought of my godchildren (there are a hundred plus of them,no exaggeration!) who are eagerly awaiting for my Christmas presents,slowly inched my way through the crowd.
This is really the place for the budget-conscious shopper.Here you can find blouses and kids’ clothes for as low as 50 pesos and you have a wide variety to choose from.Clothes,shoes,caps,jewelries,accessories,toys,kitchen wares…just about anything.And if you’re thinking of changing or trading your spouse,think they offer that here too! 😀
As I approach the finish line,saw an interesting group of tarot card and palm readers,”fortune tellers”.Just for the hang of it,I decided to try this,I have nothing to lose,anyways. This old lady held my hand,then told me “You’re 26 right?” Wow,she couldn’t tell my age,that I’m way older than that,now that’s a fortune! 😀 Then she went on,“All your life,you have experienced nothing but hardships,BUT when you reach the age of 30….” Excitedly,I asked her,“I’ll become rich???” Then with a straight face,she replied, “No,by that time,you’re already used to having a hard life,so nothing will change!” Dang!

A zany Christmas to all! 😀

  1. Very well said! I think around this time of year, we all get the spider webs in the wallet! Have a very Merry Christmas!

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