Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All?

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Traffic isn’t moving,non-stop honking of horns.I consider Manila roads now as a real battlefield.The best driver always wins.You must know a lot of side streets to get past this chaotic state.Good thing I was a former cab driver. 😀 It’s all because of one thing,the Christmas rush.Malls having big sales here and there and how can I forget the tiangges (small stalls being set up all over offering items at the lowest prices.While stuck in traffic and contemplating on the thought of what to give my loved ones this Christmas,got jolted by knocks at my car window,saw this little boy begging for alms.I often hear this from friends,”Don’t give them,they’re just part of a syndicate,and they’ll just use the money to buy solvent”. I tried to ignore the knocks,but when I looked at him,saw an empty plate and a starving soul on that boy’s face.Heck,what’s 5 pesos,it won’t make me rich.So decided to give him,plus my sandwich and drink.We often complain about so many things.What’s for dinner,the gifts we’re going to buy,the clothes we’re going to wear,etc. No problem with that,we work hard to earn so that we’ll have money to spend.A live and let live world. But have you tried going around and just observe the things that’s been happening around you? You will see this sad facet of life.
The faces of poverty.When I got home,looked at my well decorated haven,then thought about their impoverished abode.I have no right to complain. When you get busy wracking your brains thinking how you’d use all of these ,these people only have lints in their pockets. We’re going ga-ga over the Yuletide season,but to them,do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

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