How BIG is 7 Billion?

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Hello from CNN iReport: Mouthing 7 billion
Saidi, Nicole Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:18 AM
To: Aileen Reyes
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Hi there Aileen, thanks for sharing the fun video! I like the creative approach you took.

Can you tell me a few things?

When did you make the video?
Why did you pick this particular statistic?
What do you think this population number means for society?

Thanks so much, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing back.

Nicole Saidi
CNN iReport producer

There’s always a feeling of elation everytime your work gets vetted or recognized.The video talks about how huge 7 billion is,in human scale.Mouthing 7 billion(not literally,though lol!) and that it will take 200 years or two centuries for you to say 7 billion/second out loud.
Submitted an image too.

A representation,that if 7 billion kids planked (this is the IN thing,folks) 🙂 shoulder to shoulder,they could fill up the whole of Los Angeles,California. A figure too big for this planet to handle.

1.Joseph Reyes
2.Danielle Reyes
3.Kimberly Alejandro
4.Algrey Sosas
5.Tien2x Sacdalan
6.Trajan Moreno
7.Aldoz Alejandro

  1. Thanks, have a great day

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